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ADORNMENT Photo Exhibit

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ADORNMENT Photo Exhibit

“Adornment” comes to Sol Collective.

The newest exhibit from photographer Amanda Lopez and jeweler Tanya Melendez is dripping in gold and celebrates the beauty and strength of women of color.



June 13, 2017 //  Contact:


Sacramento native Amanda Lopez and Los Angeles stylist/jewelry designer Tanya Melendez (NenaSoulFly) have teamed up for a powerful new exhibit that has caught the eye of both the art and fashion worlds. Fresh off rave reviews from LA Weekly and Remezcla for Adornment’s opening reception in Chinatown, the fresh portrait series comes to Sacramento’s Sol Collective in July.

Adornment, with its intricate, flowing braids and interwoven gold accents, is an homage to everyday queenship of women of color and creates a tangible connection to the divine feminine and strength of women of color for viewers by challenging traditional, colonized standards of beauty. “I’m really excited to bring the Adornment series to my hometown of Sacramento,” explains Lopez, “I am especially proud to show this work at Sol Collective because of their history supporting artists and activism.”

The exhibit teams Lopez’s love of portraiture, Melendez’s eye for jewelry and design, and the duo’s shared love of cultural celebration and empowerment. “I've always been inspired by women from different cultures and historical backgrounds,” Melendez writes via email. “Their natural, raw beauty displayed through their hairstyles, adornments and clothing conveying a message of strength and resilience. Because of this, I've been 're-mixing' and 'fusing' traditional hairstyles and adornments into my creative work for the past six years.

Adornment celebrates the regal spirit and resilience of women of color, braided and adorned in traditional and new school gold jewelry. “Women  of color are underrepresented in all facets of life, business, and art. We felt that it was important to create a space that honors women of color and reminds them of their power, divinity and beauty,” explains Lopez.The exhibit is a love effort from the two artists and took over a year to coordinate and shoot in Lopez’s home studio in Highland Park. Adornment will be on display from July 15th 2017 - August 1st 2017 at the Sol Collective gallery located at 2574 21st Street.